Are You Ready For GDPR Changes?

If you are looking for the best Liverpool office space on offer for your charity organisation, then you should use this period of change to make sure you are ready for the GDPR introduction next year.

Many in the industry have heard murmurs about what this means, but in a nutshell, from May next year charities will be expected to comply with new data protection laws, as brought in by the EU.

The main changes include:

  • Better recording of where contact data comes from
  • Only being allowed to contact supporters who have opted-in to your communications
  • Granular opt-in, ie supporters can sign up for your news but that doesn’t mean they want your fundraising information.
  • More stringent rules for information held about young or vulnerable people.


There has been a lot of confusion in the sector about what is required of them recently so The Fundraising Regulator has created a checklist of the information charities must hold on someone before they contact them.

Charities who have already moved towards opt-in consent models in order to fulfil the likely requirements of the GDPR, are featured in case studies which have been published to support the toolkit by the Fundraising Regulator.

The charities featured include:

  • Rethink Mental Illness: Moving to opt-in
  • Macmillan: Reviewing consent
  • Cancer Research UK: The move to opt in for supporters
  • RNLI: A fully opted-in consent model
  • The Rose Road: Implementing an opt-in process
  • The Children’s Society: Introducing a supporter engagement approach


Though the Information Commissioner has the final say on what the regulations will say (and these are due later this month) they have released draft guidance for charities to consult in the meantime.