Flexible Working ‘Deal Breaker’ For 31 Per Cent Of Workers

Nearly one-third (31 per cent) of British workers have revealed that they’d turn down a job if it didn’t allow them to work flexibly.

What’s more, 25 per cent of those surveyed by Teleware have already refused to take a new position because flexible working wasn’t possible, OnRec reported.

It’s clear that employers who refuse to offer flexible working conditions when this would be possible will struggle to attract the broadest range of candidates. It’s something businesses may want to consider given that 87 per cent of those surveyed said that choosing their own working hours and where they work from was important to them.

And it’s clear that many firms could do better in this regard, with just 29 per cent of employees saying they work somewhere that offers flexible working to all of its staff.

Steve Haworth, Teleware CEO, said that with the technology readily available to facilitate flexible working, businesses are only hurting themselves by not being more accommodating and are “losing valuable talent to businesses that embrace flexible working styles for all levels”.

Even if you want people to feel comfortable in your Liverpool offices, it’s still worth considering how to improve your flexible working policy to attract the best talent.

Research conducted recently by People Per Hour found that nearly three-quarters of Brits would like to set up their own business, with many stating that this is because they don’t get what they need from their current employer. That covers everything from flexible working arrangements to a lack of praise from bosses, the survey revealed.