Tech Fails Costing Businesses Nine Working Days

A new survey has found that an average of nine working days are lost each year in businesses up and down the UK as a result of technology failures. reported on the findings from tech retailer Ebuyer, which discovered that one in ten employees wastes up to 30 minutes every day as a result of technology not working as it should.

On average, workers are losing 15 minutes and 17 seconds each working day due to problems with printers, computers not starting and internet connectivity.

In fact, internet connection issues were the most common technology problems reported, with 44 per cent of those questioned stating that this had affected them in the past six months.

When you’re looking for new Liverpool office space, checking the quality of the internet connection to the building should be something you do before you sign a lease.

The next most common problem was computers and laptops crashing, followed by the printer breaking.

And it seems that some industries suffer from tech issues more than others, with the Ebuyer survey revealing that those working in legal lose the most time each day (17 minutes and 10 seconds), followed by IT workers (17 minutes and two seconds), and those employed in the manufacturing and engineering sector (16 minutes and 44 seconds).

Of course, technology problems aren’t the only reason we lose time and are less productive in the office than we should be. A survey by published earlier this year revealed that, on average, workers spend two hours and two minutes procrastinating each day.

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Is Your Website Mobile Optimised? You Could Be Missing Out

The way that people shop and spend money has certainly changed in the last few years, with cash transactions on the decline. It’s definitely no surprise given how attached we all are to our smartphones that mobile shopping is on the rise… and given this fact, it’s vital that businesses in the UK do ensure that their websites are mobile optimised or they could find their shopping cart abandonment rate skyrockets.

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How Much Do You Procrastinate In The Office?

We’re all guilty of having days where we just can’t be bothered with work, or where we have a big task we just don’t want to tackle. We find other jobs to do first, ways to fill the time until we can leave our desks and head home. But just how much time do we spend procrastinating at work?

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Restoration Work Begins On Halton Curve Rail Track

Upgrades are now underway on the Halton Curve rail track, with developers now restoring the line that runs through Runcorn and which will link Liverpool and North Wales – part of an £18.75 million project being run by Network Rail.

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