The Amazon And Churchill Approach To Effective Team Briefings

Jeff Bezos and Winston Churchill do not have much in common, one is the managing director of a $770 billion company, and the other prevented the Nazis from invading Britain. Clearly the art of successful leadership is one shared trait, but it is the aspect of accurate and compact communication that make these two personalities worth looking into. The founder of Amazon and the British Prime Minister during the Second World War would definitely agree on one thing: the value of a memorandum.

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SME Financing Strategy: Worldpay Opens Door To Alternative Investments

As a way to help thirty thousand small businesses in the United Kingdom develop alternative-financing options, Worldpay plans to extend its “Business Finance” scheme which grants entrepreneurs access to a cash-advanced option based upon their future credit and debit card sales.

The reason for this development follows an investigation by Wordplay and YouGov, as reported by CityA.M, into a thousand business leaders from around UK, which identified one-in-three had experienced significant difficulty in securing a commercial loan. One particular element, which is often cited by small business advisers, is the development of a financing plan or strategy in preparation for pitching to financial backers for a loan or investment.

The financing plan is an essential document for all entrepreneurs as it allows to present the adequacy between the financial needs of the start-up and the financial resources that it has. It is also a major element to integrate into the business plan. Entrepreneurs all too often only focus upon their R&D, marketing and sales strategy, and forget to define or develop a financing strategy!

This is crazy! Why? Simply because it will play a key role in the review of your project by banks and other investment platforms. In order to convince them, you must prove that you have developed a strategy, already have a source of funding, and that you will also be looking at taking on other backers.

Entrepreneurs, you probably already know it: whether you choose to go through the public, private, crowdfunding or banks: funding options are not lacking.

The key actions required to define your financing plan include:


  • Budgeting the costs of starting a business
  • Identifying and evaluating all the investments needed to conduct the project
  • Calculating the requirement for working-capital at the start-up stage
  • Identify all contributions made by the partners
  • Search for all the financing options which are available (tax credits, young adults business grants..)
  • Balance the financing plan and analyse its coherence.

One of the most important things in this funding plan is the breakdown of the budget. For example, defining how will use different types of funding: public, private, participatory, at each stage of its development. The reason is very simple. By differentiating the associated phases of growth, the bank can agree to position itself on only part of the development after successful business has been achieved. Therefore, keeping everyone assured that the business will be able to borrow and return efficiently.

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