ABC Offices office renting with no contract

No contracts, no problemo

At ABC Offices Liverpool we believe office renting with no contract is the way forward and the way to keep everyone happy. With no contracts there are no problems, everything is straightforward and easy on your behalf and ours.

As and when you do sign up to renting an office with ABC Offices Liverpool it will be an efficient process that puts a smile on your face. You won’t have to sign anything saying what you can and can’t do, saying you’re not allowed to leave within a certain time period or that you have to stick with us in a matter of months, we’re not like that, we don’t require a written commitment from you in the form of a contract for you to be able to rent an office here.

We are sure enough in ourselves, our services and our offices that we do and have everything you will need in an office space for your business. With ABC Offices Liverpool our offices are fully serviced with fast fibre optic internet, not forgetting free parking for all your employees and clients as well as many more benefits included.

With providing office renting with no contract this will benefit you greatly, you won’t need to worry about getting stuck in a certain clause or anything like that, you are completely free to walk away when you wish, all we ask here at ABC Offices Liverpool is for 30 days notice.

However we guarantee 30 days notice is something you won’t be giving us and the reason behind this is because you won’t be leaving us. Our offices really are the perfect space for your business whether you are a startup or established company. There is plenty of room to grow and expand with our offices.

For a successful business rent a successful office; an ABC Office.


Office renting with no contract is what you need

Be smart for your business, don’t get tied down to any contract agreements when it comes to office renting. Everything you could want and need in an office is right here at ABC Offices Liverpool where no contract is necessary.

The first step into a more successful future for your business is to contact us now.

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We’ve got the conference and training facilities in Liverpool which you need

Hold your meeting at ABC Offices Liverpool

I know what you’re thinking, ABC Offices have conferencing and training facilities in Liverpool as well as cheap serviced offices to rent. We really do have it all when it comes to supplying businesses with their day-to-day necessities.

If your company needs to hold a meeting but is struggling to find the perfect facility then you obviously haven’t looked further enough to find ABC Offices Liverpool.

Our conferencing and training facilities in Liverpool are perfect if you are looking to hold a meeting for up to 16 delegates, there is plenty of room for you to feel comfortable in, don’t worry about the room getting stuffy with so many people in there, all our conferencing and training facilities all have air conditioning to keep the room the perfect temperature. It will be a great environment to seal the deal and generate success for your business.

As well as our facilities being comfortable for a large amount of people we also offer refreshments when requested, so for that extra special touch to your meeting we can provide you with a food buffet and a selection of drinks. Don’t worry and fuss when it comes to arriving on the day and looking for spare change to pay for a parking ticket because parking at ABC Offices Liverpool is completely free.


All you need for your conferencing and training facilities in Liverpool

Whether you use our facilities for meetings, conferences, networking events, team building exercises or health and safety course we can cater to your needs. A huge benefit that will be of a big advantage to your business using our conferencing and training facilities in Liverpool is the fast fibre optic BB internet that we use.

Our reliable internet source will not let you down and this is something we can guarantee. This may help if you are using our facilities for video or telephone conferences, once you connect via cable or WIFI you won’t be disappointed, you’ll receive nothing but clear video and telephone connections.

While we are on the digital side of things did we mention about our interactive media opportunities that are also available. Give your delegates the bigger picture on the bigger screen, use our interactive media to enable you to display your power points on a wide plasma screen or a whiteboard.  


Book your conference and training facilities with ABC Offices now

Whatever the cause and whatever the event give your business the best by using ABC Offices modern conference and training facilities in Liverpool.

We can assure you that we have everything you need to hold the perfect meeting on both professional and comfort aspects.

For any and all information on our conferencing and training facilities or to book one for your businesses next meeting then be sure to contact us today.

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We’ve got the solution for you; A Virtual Office in Liverpool

ABC Offices Liverpool offer virtual office services for businesses like yours

Is your business looking for a virtual office in Liverpool? Have you considered looking at ABC Offices Liverpool? With different prices and packages we believe we have got exactly what you are looking for in a virtual office in Liverpool.

At ABC Offices Liverpool we offer 3 different packages for virtual office services;  each  package entitles you to different options and  benefits  – and they start as cheap as £20 per month!

The 3 different packages for virtual offices in Liverpool are as follows:

  • Virtual Office Silver Plan – £20 per month
  • Virtual Office Gold Plan – £40 per month
  • Virtual Office Bespoke Plan – £TBA


The Silver Plan

If you are looking for a budget virtual office,  the Virtual Office Silver Plan could be the perfect solution for you. At only £20 per month, this is a plan to suit all budgets.

So, what is included within the silver plan?

Well first of all you will have the benefit of using our address for your business. The address on your website will look along the lines of this: “Your Company Name”, Anfield Business Centre, Breckfield Road South, Liverpool, L6 5DR.

The next benefit with this package is the fact that any mail that is sent to this address will be confidentially sorted out for you to either pick up or forwarded to you at an appropriate address.

We will send you an email to notify you that we have received your mail

The final benefit of this package is  access to our professional conference suites and meeting rooms on a pay-as-you-go basis; you will only have to pay for these when you use them.


The Gold Plan

For a small extra monthly payment, you will be eligible for the enhanced benefits of our Virtual Office Gold Plan. At just £40 per month,  Your Gold Plan  virtual office in Liverpool is waiting for you.  Here is what isincluded:

Just as the Silver Plan, the Gold Plan allows you to use  our address for your business and we will also sort your mail out confidentially, as well as forwarding it to you or holding it for collection.

Also included within this plan: we will send you a notification via email when we have received your mail but  if you require us to open the mail, scan it and send it to you through email this is something that is also included within the Gold Plan for our virtual office services.

By signing up for the Gold Plan for a virtual office with ABC Offices Liverpool, you will be listed on our website as a tenant; this way your business can be seen and recognised by other companies/people who visit our website and they will see you featured on

If you need a conference room for a meeting the Gold Plan entitles you to 2 free hours meeting room hire, including free WIFI.  You will have free parking while you are using the conference room.

To learn more about the benefits of the Gold Plan for our virtual office in Liverpool,  so if you require more information please do not hesitate to contact us.


The Bespoke Plan

Our bespoke plan is one for those who require a little more from a virtual office in Liverpool; this is a plan that can be tailored to your needs to ensure you get exactly what you require from our virtual office services.

As this is a package that is tailored to each individual there is currently no set price and this is something that will be discussed upon request/enquiry of a Virtual Office Bespoke Plan.

For any more information on this package then simply email us at or call us on 0151 329 3320..

Our virtual office plans offer the best solution for your business in Liverpool

Here’s what our existing tenants have to say: our existing Liverpool virtual office tenants.  

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3 person office space Liverpool? ABC Offices Liverpool has everything you need

ABC Offices Liverpool has the office space for start ups Liverpool

Are you a small business or a newly started up business which is looking for 3 person office space in Liverpool or a 4 person office space in Liverpool? Look no further; ABC Offices Liverpool has everything you want and need for your business office space. It is important to work in an environment you are comfortable in and we assure you the offices we have available to rent are certainly somewhere you will settle into with ease.

At ABC Offices Liverpool we understand best that renting an office can be difficult, especially when it comes down to the decision of where to actually rent the office. For a business and for its employees the office needs to be in a good location and be at the price your budget can afford. At ABC Offices Liverpool this is undoubtedly yours for the taking at a cost that beats all our competitors


The perfect 3 person office space in Liverpool

ABC Offices Liverpool offer the perfect office space for companies both new and established, there are many benefits that your company can gain from renting an office with us. Don’t just take our word for it – take it from our happy tenants. We are located just outside the heart of the city but with great transport links we are just 5 minutes away from the city centre.

Office space for start ups in Liverpool has never been as easy as it is now, so if your business consists of 3 people or less then why aren’t you already renting an office with ABC Offices Liverpool? Not a problem if you aren’t because we still have the perfect 3 person office space in Liverpool to suit you and your business.

When renting an office with us we are open to both long and short term lease agreements, whatever the length of tenancy you choose to rent an office with ABC Offices Liverpool you will gain all the benefits that come from our offices as well as all the included essentials like:

  • Fast Fibre Optic Internet
  • New Stylish Furniture
  • Free Parking for Staff and Clients
  • Cheap VOIP Telephone Calls
  • Business Rates Included
  • Lighting & Heating
  • Rubbish Collection
  • Reception Services (Mail Handling/Call Answering)


All of our offices whether it be a 3 or 4 person office space in Liverpool are fully furnished and ready for you to move in to and start the future success for your company.


Are you interested?

Is a 3 person office space in Liverpool exactly what you are looking for for your small business or new venture? With all the benefits, facilities and everything included why wouldn’t you choose ABC Offices Liverpool to rent an office on a long or short term basis?

Whether you are looking for office space for start ups in Liverpool or a bigger office like a 4 person office space Liverpool it’s us you should be contacting.

For further information on our 3 person office space in Liverpool or for enquiries about a rental agreement on one of our superb officer, either:


Call us: 0151 329 3320


Email us:

We look forward to hearing from you soon. Click here to see all the advantages of office space with ABC Offices Liverpool.

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Liverpool office renting

There are many offices in Liverpool to choose from when looking for a place to set up your business; but do they meet your demands like Anfield Business Centre does? We think that we’ve got all bases covered when it comes to affordable offices in Liverpool and rightly so. Whether your business is comprised of 1 to 6 people or even more we can accommodate your business easily, taking away a lot of the stress involved when looking for quality business space.

We have some fantastic services unique to us:

  • Business support – If you would like a listening ear we are here to help with any friendly advice about your business and it’s operations
  • IT support – We can provide sound IT support systems to your business; just ask for more information we are always happy to help
  • Free parking – Both the ability to park your car and the cost can be very difficult for your business and Anfield Business Centre take this hassle away completely
  • Close to Liverpool City centre – That’s right we are just 5 minutes away from all the hustle and bustle with public transport easily accessible.
  • Secure site – You and your employees can have the peace of mind with us knowing that our site is fully secured
  • Air conditioned – Spring, summer, autumn and winter we can keep your office space and clients comfortable
  • Flexible rental options – We really think that our flexibility with rental options keeps us ahead of the competition in Liverpool whether you are looking to rent for a day, week month, a year or even longer; we are happy to assist you.
  • Flexible growth – At Anfield Business centre we are aware of just how demanding it can be when running business and we offer great flexibility in allowing a seamless transition whether you are upscaling or downscaling.


Want to know more?

Liverpool office renting has been made easy by Anfield Business centre and we are ready and willing to help you. When you give us a call you’ll be impressed at how great our customer service and flexibility really is; we pride ourselves on it. Let us remove all of your concerns and allow you to focus on running a successful business; our affordable serviced offices can keep you one step ahead of the competition and increase your bottom line profits. All of this can be achieved without a sacrifice on quality or service; alls you have to do is come along and see for yourself.


Why choose to do business with Anfield Business Centre?

We provide a friendly, professional and convenient service to your business just a stone’s throw away from Liverpool city centre; leaving you with affordable Liverpool office renting. Our fees are upfront with no hidden charges and we are always happy help move your business to where it needs to be. We want to see you and your business do well and Anfield Business Centre can certainly help.


Come and say hello…

Call – 0333 011 7811

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Office Renting for the New Year

Has renting an office or moving from your current office been put off by you the past few months? Well if you want the best offices for the New Year you should get in touch with the team at Anfield Business Centre. We have a wide variety of office space for you to choose from so we are sure to have something that fits the needs of your small or medium sized business this New year. If you currently have one or two members of staff but would like to be able to grow in the near future then don’t worry because help is at hand. You will be able to upscale your office space as your business demands whilst our prices will remain competitive and affordable.

We have everything that you would expect from a service business centre and more. We have conventional and flexible office space, meeting rooms and free parking to name but a few of our key services. At Anfield Business Centre we really do try to stand out from the competition and we believe that we have a whole host of unique selling points; from our flexible paths to expansion to our business support. We care about you and your business; wanting to make your professional life that much easier. Office renting for the New Year doesn’t have to be time consuming, stressful or seemingly impossible. Infact, with Anfield Business Centre it can be convenient, easy and stress free; come and see for yourself.


What are the benefits of renting office space with Anfield Business Centre?

If you choose to do business with us then you can expect to receive a whole host of benefits. Our great service provides;

  • Free car parking
  • Secured site
  • Great customer service
  • Room for your small/medium sized business to expand


Heard of a virtual office?

Office renting for the New Year doesn’t mean that you will have to commit to a payment plan that will test your budget. If you are working within a strict budget then you may want to consider one of our virtual offices. Ok, so I hear you asking “what exactly is a virtual office?” Well don’t worry it’s not something that involves time travel or witchcraft; it’s actually a really fantastic way for you to portray and run your business in an extremely cost effective way.

A virtual office will provide you with the following:

  • A professional business address
  • A confidential mailbox – We will send you an email alert when we have your mail so that you can pick it up when convenient for you.
  • Exclusive discounts for daily, weekly office and meeting room hire


All of this comes at a fraction of the cost of monthly serviced offices and we have flexible payment plans to suit you.


Final thought

When it comes to office renting for the New Year Anfield Business Centre really has got you covered. Check out our website

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Its True! Take one of our modern 2 to 10 person offices, and we will pay your telephone bill* for the first 3 months of occupation. We have the latest in telephony technology here at ABC Liverpool which offers everything you would expect from a sophisticated business telephone system.




Please call 0151 329 3320 or email to speak to a member of our team.

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ABC Featured in your move magazine

Recently featured in Your Move magazine. ABC opens its doors.

Local businesses and entrepreneurs had cause for celebration as Anfield Business Centre marked its official opening with a drinks reception.

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