Office Turned Into Giant Ball Pit As Staff Reward

How do you reward your staff when they perform well, or when your company hits an important milestone?

Your first thought might not be to fill your Liverpool office space with plastic balls to create a giant ball pit, but that’s exactly what Invasion Group did for its team recently.

The Manchester-based travel company teamed up with What Marketing to arrange this unusual surprise for its staff. Co-founder Lee McAteer decided to organise the reward because of the hard work his employees had put in, but particularly the dedication of those who’d been travelling overseas for two different projects.

According to Employee Benefits, they started creating the ballpit at 3am to have it ready for everyone’s arrival, and staff were allowed to play in the ballpit until 6pm that evening.

Lee explained why he decided to take the unusual step: “Here at Invasion Group we treat people how we want to be treated. If you say to people your [organisation] is different, you have to back it up.”

Earlier this year, Glassdoor published a list of the top 20 unusual employee perks and benefits being offered by companies around the UK.

At the top of the list was Ikea’s offering of four months of paid parental leave for any part- or full-time member of staff who’s been with the company for at least a year.

Other interesting benefits included Bain & Company’s annual staff football tournament, which is open to all employees and hosted in a different city around the world each year; and Gap which gives its employees free access to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.