What Does Your Office Say About Your Company Culture?

When you think about what sets the tone for your company culture, you’re probably considering the likes of the overarching company vision, the way it’s managed and the kind of benefits you provide.

But another thing that’s vital is your office itself, according to a recent article for OnRec. The news provider described the right office as “crucial to your company culture”.

It also offered some advice on how you can improve your office space to make it a nicer place to work and thereby make your employees happier. And if you find your space isn’t suitable for your business, maybe it’s time to find new serviced offices in Liverpool?

The first thing to consider is the layout of the office itself. For instance, open-plan spaces are known to encourage people to talk to one another rather than relying on email communication. It’s also important to provide communal spaces where people can take breaks. This too has been found to improve collaboration and communication.

Design elements, including the furniture, lighting, acoustics and artwork can also have an impact on the ambience of your office space.

Think about these carefully and decide what kind of furniture and so on will best represent the company culture you want to create.

It’s also essential to think about organisation and storage when you’re setting up your office. Keep it as clutter-free as possible, while making sure that your employees have everything they need, or know where to find it, to reduce the amount of time wasted looking for things.

As well as revamping your office, you could find that your staff benefit from a move away from the standard 9-5 working day. Earlier this year, research found that 44 per cent of people working in Liverpool want to move to a more flexible work schedule.