Vaping ‘Should Be Allowed In Offices’, Says Government

Back in the 2007, when the smoking ban came into effect, many of the best serviced offices Liverpool had to offer were freed from a cloud of smoke – however, could this cloud be making a comeback?

Of course, there are ever more intense anti-smoking campaigns, so while we’re not talking about anyone allowing smoking cigarettes in public places, a government has revealed a new plan which puts more emphasis on using e-cigarettes as a quitting aid.

With the successful introduction of e-cigarettes into the UK and the effect measured on the ability to help quit smoking, the report says that vaping could be allowed in public places and offices legally according to The Telegraph.

The government wants to see a greater encouragement towards those choosing to stop smoking and that have taken up nicotine-void alternatives, and aim to make these as accessible as possible in all areas.

Ministers want to see a decrease of 25 per cent of adults who smoke and to completely eradicate smoking in the younger generation for the next phase of their aggressive anti-smoking campaign.

Before the Smoke Free campaign launched six years ago, over 20 per cent of adults in the UK smoked. That figure has now dropped to 15.5 per cent – a dramatic reduction, but one that is hoped to reach as low as 12 per cent over the next five years. Eight per cent of 15 year olds currently smoke – a figure which the plan aims to reduce to three per cent over the same time scale.